Who am I and why I am I here?

During the 1992 Vice Presidential Debate, a national electorate was introduced to the late Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale who first uttered those words.

I think that is a perfect introduction to me. I am a novice who is trepidatious about blogging and attempting to broaden a message of inspiration and encouragement to a wider audience.

I have received praise and positive feedback from the Facebook community where I have crafted the same message. I am hoping to provide a source of commentary that brings a hopeful message on this busy landscape which at times is filled with destructive messages that lack encouragement.

With this first entry, I wish to introduce myself as a person who has had a history of anxiety and profound sadness. I was in therapy for depression for five years. I got a new lease on life through a renewed faith in God. With the psychotherapy I received, I was able to gain clarity and enlightenment. 

It is my feeling that world is full of people who experience similar problems and through my writing and expressing my message, I can offer solace. My messages will be available to those who are seeking relief and most importantly mercy.

Over time, I will reveal myself in many ways. My first entry here is to welcome you openly and accept you as you are and reinforce that who you are important and you matter.

I am not a minister, but writing is my ministry. I want to minister through my words of encouragement and support. I believe that the only thing we have in humanity to get us through the hardest times is love and hope.

There will be times that I will expound on popular culture and events happening around world. This is my personal outreach and I invite you to be my audience.

I am serving love and hope in heavy doses here and it is my desire that you accept this helping and come back for more.